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Smart Living Reference Book 2014-2017

"Smart Living in the sphere of innovation" is a three-year cooperation project facilitating an exchange of knowledge, ideas and experiences in several thematic fields promoting the idea of "smart cities". Smart Living Reference Book 2014-2017 accompanies the project, listing the most innovative green solutions, which have been implemented by the public and private sectors.

Poland and Denmark have much in common, not least our objectives for the future of Europe. Our growth, development and security is closely interlinked with each other and with that of the EU. We also have challenges in common. The fact that there are common challenges is part of the solution and points to the high value of close cooperation and sharing of ideas & experiences.

In the Smart Living project we focus on challenges within energy & environment and the health area. We offer a platform facilitating cooperation. By engaging authorities, cities, research and companies we create a platform for exchange of ideas and experiences, and aim to pave the way for concrete actions and projects.

The “smart” approach basically means addressing our challenges in a long term and holistic perspective maximising the direct and indirect benefits to our societies today and tomorrow. And while doing so, including as much knowledge and experience as possible to maximise smartness.

The Smart Living Project was presented during the visit to Poland by their Royal Highnesses the Danish Crown Prince Couple in May of 2014, and gained momentum in the fall of 2014 with activities in Kielce, Lublin and Warsaw and solid plans for Szczecin and Krakow. The cooperation and dedication shown by partners and patrons in these activities have been highly appreciated and are promising for the future.

We are looking forward to many more activities to come and hope that the Smart Living Reference Book may inspire readers to become involved and contribute to solving our common challenges.

Steen Hommel
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