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Product seminar with Universal Robots A/S

The Royal Danish Embassy in Warsaw had the pleasure to invite all Danish companies to the seminar. At the seminar participants got the opportunity to learn about collaborative robots, their intuitive operations and easy programming.

The Royal Danish Embassy in Warsaw in cooperation with Universal Robots A/S had the pleasure to organise a product seminar of collaborative robots, that took place on:

Thursday 21 November 2013 from 10.00-13.00
The Royal Danish Embassy
Marszałkowska 142
00-061 Warsaw.

Universal Robots A/S develops robotic arms, which can be used in any type of industry for automating different tasks and processes. All products are in compliance with ISO standards and therefore able to work right alongside with employees without any safety guarding. Due to the quality, Universal Robots A/S was selected in September this year by the think tank Monday Morning and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs as one of the 30 most significant exporters in Denmark among 300 nominees.

The seminar started with a welcome by the Danish Ambassador, Steen Hommel, followed by a presentation by Universal Robots with case stories and live product demonstration.
Danish and other Scandinavian subsidiaries of companies manufacturing in Poland were invited for the event. At the seminar participants had the opportunity to learn more about the use of the Universal Robots products, their future, unique & easy programming, their flexibility and ways of operating.

For further information please contact Izabela Klebek: izakle@um.dk, phone: +48 22 565 29 16. 

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Izabela Klebek

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