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Polish aid packages for business - anti-crisis shields 

Last update: 01.07.2020 13:45

Here you can find information on aid packages and other relevant business news related to the coronavirus crisis.
The webpage has been updated with the information on
the anti-crisis shield 4.0. 

Anti-crisis shield 4.0

The anti-crisis shield 4.0 was signed by the President on 23 June. The main purpose of the act is to protect Polish enterprises, jobs and consumers against the negative effects of COVID-19. The new act includes the following updates:

  • temporary, increased protection of Polish companies against hostile takeovers by investors from outside Europe and OECD
  • financial support for local governments between June and December 2020 (for example relaxation of fiscal rules, doubling of the shares of counties (powiaty) in revenues from the state treasury companies)
  • changes in the area of public procurement with the aim of reducing the costs of contractors' participation in tender procedures as well as improving their financial liquidity at the stage of performing the public procurement contract
  • almost PLN 0.6 bn from the state budget for interest subsidies for companies affected by the COVID-19 crisis
  • easier access to the loan holidays for persons who lost their earnings after 13 March – suspension of loan repayment for up to 3 months without charging interests or any other fees
  • clarification of the rules for remote work
  • allowing the employer during the epidemic to send the employee to an overdue leave

You can read more details on the website of the Ministry of Development.

Anti-crisis shield 3.0

On 16 May 2020, the anti-crisis shield 3.0 came into force. The legal document is called the act on the amendment of certain acts regarding protection measures in connection with the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and can be found here.

The act includes a number of legal measures for companies, municipalities, employees, employers and taxpayers. Main changes include

  • Extension of the group of companies entitled to a financial allowance of PLN 2,080 or PLN 1,300. From now on, entrepreneurs who started operating before 1 April 2020 will be eligible for help.
  • Extension of the exemption from social contributions for the self-employed. The act extends the scope of exemption for persons whose income was higher than 300% of the projected average gross remuneration in the economy in 2020 provided their income in the first month for which the application for exemption is submitted was not higher than PLN 7,000.
  • Fee for audiovisual media services of 1.5% from companies providing audiovisual media service on demand to the Polish Film Institute.
  • Possibility of reducing the agreed number of hours and remuneration for foreigners by up to 20% without changing their existing work permits, declarations or residence permits.
  • Employers received a possibility of sending an employee for an overdue leave without their consent. The provisions are valid until 30 September.
  • Tax inspections and proceedings are resumed from 25 May.

For more information, please check the act.


The financial shield

The Financial shield is a new support package dedicated to companies suffering from the COVID-19 crisis. The implementation of the program will be conducted by the Polish Development Fund (Polski Fundusz Rozwoju) as part of the anti-crisis shield launched earlier by the Polish government.  

The program consists of three basic components with a total value of PLN 100 billion (4.5% GDP):

  • PLN 25 billion dedicated to micro companies
  • PLN 50 billion dedicated to small and medium companies
  • PLN 25 billion to large companies

Companies benefiting from help will receive PLN 60 bn of non-returnable funds in total. The program will be launched by the end of April. For detailed information, please check the official guide published on the website of the Polish Development Fund (in Polish). You can also call the special helpline on 800 800 120 (also available in English).

For applications, please visit the website of the Polish Development Fund (in Polish)

Financial shield for micro companies and SMEs

Micro companies and SMEs can receive financial support of maximum PLN 75 bn. In principle, the aid is returnable. However, up to 75% of the aid can be non-returnable provided that within the next 12 months the business activity and employment are maintained. For SMEs, there is one more requirement that a loss on sales (more than 25% of the support) is recorded.

The support can be used for covering costs of the business activity, for example salaries, excluding company acquisition costs). Maximum 25% of the financial aid can be used for loan repayment.

Main requirements for the programme participants

  • Micro companies (employing from 1 to 9 employees (excluding self-employed), whose annual turnover or balance sheet total does not exceed EUR 2 million)
  • SMEs (employing from 10 to 249 employees whose annual turnover does not exceed EUR 50 m or the balance sheet total does not exceed EUR 43 m)
  • Companies affected by a decrease in revenues of at least 25% in any month after 1 February 2020 compared to the previous month or the same month last year in connection with COVID-19
  • The Real beneficiaries of the company (owner) must have tax residence in the European Economic Area and not in what is defined as a so-called "tax haven"

Amount of the support - micro companies

The amount of the financial support depends on a decrease in revenue. In case the revenue decreases by:

  • <25 - 50%) - the company will receive PLN 12,000 per employee
  • <50 - 75%) - the company will receive PLN 24,000 per employee
  • <75 - 100%> - the company will receive PLN 36,000 per employee

Amount of the support - SMEs

If the revenue decreases by:

  • <0 - 25%) - the company will receive 0% of the revenue value from 2019
  • <25 - 50%) - the company will receive 4% of the revenue value from 2019
  • <50 - 75%) - the company will receive 6% of the revenue value from 2019
  • <75 - 100%> - the company will receive 8% of the revenue value from 2019

Financial shield for big companies

Big companies can receive financial support of maximum PLN 25 bn. The aid will be granted based on an individual analysis and includes market-based solutions, for example loans, guarantees, bonds.

Main requirements for the programme participants

  • Employment amounts to at least 250 employees, turnover exceeds EUR 50 million or total assets exceed EUR 43 million
  • Companies affected by a decrease in revenues of at least 25% in any month after 1 February 2020 compared to the previous month or the same month last year in connection with COVID-19
  • Companies which lost the ability to produce or provide services or receive products or services by contracting entities due to the lack of availability of components or resources in connection with COVID-19
  • Due to the disruptions in the functioning of the financial market, they do not have access to the capital market or credit limits in connection with new contracts
  • The Real beneficiaries of the company (owner) must have tax residence in the European Economic Area and not in what is defined as a so-called "tax haven

Financing of big companies will have three forms:

  • Liquidity financing in the form of loans or bonds for a period of 2 years with a value of up to PLN 1 billion with a possibility of prolonging for one more year – PLN 10 bn
  • Preferential financing in the form of preferential loans for a period of 3 years (possible prolongation for one more year) and dependent on a financial loss and maintaining employment worth up to PLN 750 million per company. Up to 75% can be non-returnable – PLN 7.5 bn
  • Investment financing in the form of acquired equity instruments (shares or stocks) on market terms or as part of public aid worth up to PLN 1 billion per company - PLN 7.5 bn

Polish anti-crisis shield 1.0

On 1 April 2020, the anti-crisis shield 1.0 came into force. It is a package of solutions prepared by the government to protect the Polish state and citizens against the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The main purpose of the shield is to stabilise the economy and give it an investment impulse. The value of the Polish package amounts to 10% of GDP (over PLN 212 bn). The package consists of three acts:

All foreign companies registered in Poland are eligible for help.

On the special portal about the anti-crisis shield, the measures have been divided based on the company’s size:

  • One person company
  • Micro company (up to 10 persons)
  • Small company (up to 50 persons)
  • Medium-size company (up to 250 persons)
  • Big company (over 250 persons)

Companies can check measures applicable in their case using the links below:

Measures available for small companies

Measures available for medium-size companies

Measures available for big companies

The anti-crisis shield is based on five pillars:

• Protection of jobs and employee safety – PLN 30 bn

The government aims to contribute to employees’ salaries in order to protect jobs. Companies, which recorded a decrease in turnover, can receive a grant of 40% of the average salary in the Polish economy in the case of working time reduction or 50% of the minimum salary in the case of economic downturn. The government also offers financial assistance for the self-employed and employed persons under the contract of mandate and other specific work contracts (one-off payment of 80% of the minimum salary), assistance for parents in a form of care allowance or suspension of loan repayment for 3 months. The Polish Competition and Consumer Protection Office will also monitor the prices and check if their increase is justified in the market.

• Financing of entrepreneurs – PLN 74.2 bn

It is the biggest package of the government aimed at saving companies. It includes a loan for micro companies of PLN 5000 to safe jobs, possibility of obtaining loans on preferential conditions, more beneficial conditions for settling losses from 2020, suspension of social contributions for the Social Insurance agency for 3 months, favourable tax regulation prolonging deadlines retail tax suspension, support for transportation companies and much more.

• Health care – PLN 7.5 bn

Main focus will be the areas which are frontline when it comes to combating the virus. Investments will be made in medical infrastructure, for example adjusting medical units to the needs of the elderly or building daily medical care centres. The government will put emphasis on digitalisation of health care systems e.g. pilot project for e-services from the National Health Fund or building the fast Internet network in medical centres in rural areas.

• Strengthening the financial system – PLN 70.3 bn

The Polish government has launched two packages: regulation package of the Ministry of Finance and the Financial Supervision Authority and Liquidity Package of the Polish National Bank (for example lowering capital buffers, REPO operations enabling increased liquidity in the banking sector; lowering the base interest rate from 1.5% to 1.0% and the required reserve rate from 3.5% to 0.5% increasing liquidity in the banking sector; potential LTRO operations and similar operations used by the European Central Bank).

• Public investments – PLN 30 bn

The Polish government wants to stimulate investments as companies’ capabilities will be lower. Main focus areas are infrastructure, modernisation of schools and hospitals, energy transformation, digitalisation, biotechnology and pharmacy, environment protection policy.

More information on the anti-crisis shield and its pillars can be found here.
For information in Polish, please refer to the special webpage about the anti-crisis shield available here or call the special information helpline on +48 732 122 500 or 
+48 22 484 84 84, available from Monday to Friday between 8-16.

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