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Food and agriculture

Significant transformations and an increased demand for organic food from a wealthier population has made the sector grow in Poland. With support from EU's common agricultural policy, the Polish agricultural sector will become one of the most modern in Europe.

Over the last 20 years, the Polish food sector has undergone significant transformations. It was one of the fastest growing sectors, becoming an important growth factor. Thanks to the constant technical, technological and organizational development of Poland, Poland has entered the elite of modern and innovative European food producers.

In general, the demand for organic food has increased in recent years as a result of growing GDP per inhabitants as well as increased quality awareness among Polish consumers. Food technology used for the production of organic foods of any kind therefore has the interest of Polish food producers.

Poland has been a member of the EU since 2004, and since its admission, it has been a net recipient of EU funding. In the EU's preliminary draft budget for 2014-2020, the trend seems to continue. Poland is able to receive 105, 8 billion EUR during the budget period, of which EUR 28.5 billion is derived from the common agricultural policy.

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