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The healthcare sector in Poland has increased both its quality and capacity significantly in the last decade. High quality products are now in high demand. This makes Poland an important market in the years to come for the many Danish companies offering high quality pharmaceuticals, equipment and technology for the healthcare sector.

Poland is one of the most important pharmaceutical markets in Central and Eastern Europe and it is quite well developed compared to its peers. The Polish pharmaceutical industry has experienced many structural changes in recent years. After the EU accession in 2004, Poland had to implement pharmaceutical legislations with EU directives. Furthermore, many firms have benefited from the high level of foreign direct investment, with modernisation of facilities leading to the issuing of GMP certificates. This can be seen in the demand for good quality, as medical devices are growing with the expansion of the private healthcare sector. The equipment used in clinics have been modernised and improved significantly in the last years. The availability of private facilities has also improved the last decade, as bed numbers increased three-fold.

Research indicates that patients are becoming more and more demanding, with their mentality changing from “I managed to see a doctor” to “I want to see a very good doctor in a clinic that ensures good quality”. Patient evolution will continue. Patients expect the quality of services to improve, which will increase the competitiveness of service providers. Therefore, Poland is looking for the innovative solutions abroad. Today, around 85% of the medical device market in Poland is composed of imports.

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