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Human Ressources

The recruitment may very well be the most important investment you and your company will make when approaching a new market. Identification of new recruitments will most likely consume a large share of your resources in terms of energy, money, and time. To a great extent, success and sustainability of a business project depends on hiring the right employees. It is therefore important for your company to find the right match when it comes to expand in the Polish market.

We can help you with recruitment in the following ways:

  • Advising on the local labour market conditions
  • Preparation of job descriptions
  • Advertising and translation
  • Pre-selection, short-listing and interviewing candidates – often we do two or three rounds of screenings before the client joins us for the last interview
  • Setting up meetings with chosen candidates
  • Arranging specific tests according to your preferences

When using The Trade Council you get an experienced recruitment partner that:

  • Has a good understanding of what a Danish company is looking for
  • Has hired a large number of Poland employees for Danish companies
  • Has in-depth knowledge of local conditions and culture in Poland
  • Has a good “brand” among job-seekers, which will help Danish companies not so well-known in Poland to be seen as attractive employers
  • Full confidentiality
  • Can save you time
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