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IT is one of the fastest growing sectors in Poland. Especially modern fintech and e-health solutions look promising in the future in Poland.

The IT sector is regarded as one of the most favourable sectors for investment in Poland, and there are several reasons for that: Poland has a highly qualified workforce, specialists in hardware and software production, and high quality of products. The attractiveness of this sector is strengthened by low labour costs being 3 to 4 times less compared to Western Europe.

According to BMI, the IT software and services sectors are forecast to accelerate in 2018 due to stronger enterprise confidence levels and increasing public spending. Especially telecommunications companies, financial services, and retail segments are expected to grow as enterprises will focus on cost-saving and efficient solutions.

According to the Ministry of Digital Affairs, public administration should focus on delivering high quality services and reducing costs. This cannot be achieved without digitalisation and will soon translate into vast investment in development of e-government, e-health and digital education. The Polish and Danish IT sectors aspire to achieve great results. Both countries dispose of highly-qualified IT specialists, have produced a number of global start-up successes, and are focused on improving efficiency. Therefore, we believe that there is big potential for cooperation between Poland and Denmark within this sector.

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