Spring til indhold

Modellejlighed for ældre

18.06.2020  16:34

Royal Danish Embassy, the Polish Institute of Silver Economy and Danish companies have joined forces to work on an interesting pilot project - a preparation of a model apartment for the elderly citizens. A 50m2 apartment in Warsaw will be equipped with innovative Danish products like adjustable shower and toilet facilities, kitchen furniture etc. The project is a response to a rapid ageing of the society and is aimed at raising awareness to the issue of independence of senior citizens and dignified housing facilities for them. 1st March, Ambassador Steen Hommel and Izabela Kłębek from the Trade Council visited the apartment to meet with the project manager Agnieszka Cieśla, PhD, and follow the advancement of the construction.

From the left: Izabela Kłębek from the Trade Council, the project manager Agnieszka Cieśla, PhD and Ambassador Steen Hommel




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