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ASTRUP GROUP enters the Polish retail market for toys

19.05.2021  10:54

The Polish market for quality toys is increasing and ASTRUP Group, a family-owned Danish company that develops and produces toys, is now targeting Poland as a new and promising market. With a strong local partner and the Trade Council in Poland on the sideline, the road to the company's export success has been paved. 

When Anette and Poul Erik Pedersen took over the company and the production of doll toys in 1997, they did not expect that 25 years later they would have a large-scale production of sustainable wooden toys and that the company's products would be found on the shelves of several export markets worldwide. Nevertheless, this is the case today and the company has now ventured into the Polish market, where they have signed an agreement with the company DW Kids, who will be responsible for the distribution and sale of their products in Poland. Sales began in time for Easter, and the ambition on the Polish market is high. 

The Polish toy retail market

The Polish children's sector is undergoing a kind of a revolution in Poland with a high annual growth. Sales of high quality and responsible, organic toys are steadily increasing. One of the reasons for the increased demand in the sector is that Poland has changed the composition of public subsidies so that more money now goes to families with children. Quality, safety and social responsibility have also become important criteria for Polish consumers buying quality toys. Especially for buyers of wooden toys, which have become very popular in the country. 

This is good news for the ASTRUP Group who focus on their brands MAMAMEMO® and by ASTRUP® where most products are made of wood. 

by ASTRUP® and the butterfly

Social responsibility and consideration are important keywords for ASTRUP Group. The current owners created their brand by ASTRUP® in memory of their youngest daughter Marie, who died of cancer in 2015. The butterfly logo symbolizes the butterflies she folded herself for family, friends and staff while she was in hospital. In her memory, ASTRUP Group donates the daughter's salary to the Children's Cancer Foundation every year, which in 2020 amounted to DKK 180.000. 

DW Kids - the local partner

A skilled local partner has been crucial for ASTRUP Group in their establishment in a new export market. The Trade Council's local expertise was used to find the right partner who could match both the company's existing business model, but also advise on the differences in the Polish business model and culture. Trade Council actively participated in the first negotiations with the Polish partner, clarifying the wishes and requirements for future cooperation. A cooperation was then initiated with the Polish distributor DW Kids, who was eager to get the Danish products on the Polish shelves.

“Poles love everything Scandinavian. I think that the praise of simplicity, individualism and dark colours, which dominated the prevailing pastels, has settled in Poland for good” - Julia Winiarska-Och from DW Kids.

With the Trade Council on the sideline

ASTRUP Group has had the Trade Council on its side, assisting in the process prior to and during the start-up on the Polish market. 

 "We had previously been in contact with the Trade Council in another country and were therefore familiar with the concept. In addition, we knew about the support scheme that the Trade Council has in connection with COVID-19, where there is a discount on services. This also made it very financially attractive. That is why we contacted the Trade Council in Poland and heard about the possibilities" - Karina Winkler from ASTRUP Group (translated).

ASTRUP Group got in touch with Marzena Dabrowska-Olewniczak, sector advisor and responsible for among others Fashion & Design in Trade Council in Poland, who advised ASTRUP Group on the way into the Polish market.

"There was an ongoing dialogue between us and the sector advisor Marzena, who was our contact in the Trade Council. The cooperation with the Trade Council was good and time-saving compared to going to the country and standing at trade fairs, as one often does otherwise. It went incredibly smoothly and was a great process with lots of follow up." - Karina Winkler from ASTRUP Group (translated).

The ambitions on the Polish market

ASTRUP Group's local partner and distributor, DW Kids, received the first shipment of ASTRUP products at the end of February and the start-up and scaling of sales is well underway.

"We have started with the creation of a separate distribution website, together with a B2B panel. We have already produced three photo shoots, the effects of which can slowly be seen on our website and in SoMe. Products by ASTRUP® and MAMAMEMO® have already been delivered to several stationary and online shops. We are currently waiting for the next delivery and are expanding our sales channels" - Julia Winiarska-Och from DW Kids.

Although ASTRUP Group is still at the beginning of their venture in the Polish market, the company has high hopes and faith in the market's potential. Asked about ASTRUP Group's ambitions in the market, Karina Winkler, Marketing Manager and Export Manager in Eastern Europe at ASTRUP Group, replies:

"We expect that in the first 2 years on the Polish market, together with our local partner, we will establish ourselves on the market. In the long term, we expect the Polish market to contribute positively to our export development at the ASTRUP Group." (translated)

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For more information about the companies:

ASTRUP Group: https://astrupgroup.com/
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