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INVITATION: Conference on the young voters' participation in elections - 22 March 2019

07.03.2019  09:12




Is it possible to increase voter turnout among young voters?

Yes, the Danish experience shows that this is indeed possible.

In the local elections in Denmark in 2017, no less than 75% of the 18-year-olds cast a ballot.

It was an increase of 17 percent points compared to the local elections in 2009.

Such an outcome was the result of a broad campaign implemented over several years
by the Danish Parliament, local governments and youth organizations.


How did that happen and could it work elsewhere?



The Royal Danish Embassy in Poland is happy to invite
interested Polish stakeholders to a seminar


'How to get young people to the voting booth: The Danish experience’


on Friday, 22nd March, 10:00 - 13:00

at the Royal Danish Embassy, ul. Marszałkowska 142, Warsaw


Danish experts and key stakeholders will share the Danish experience and answer questions:


Professor Kasper Møller Hansen, University of Copenhagen

Søren Væver, Head of Communication of the Folketinget (Danish Parliament)

Jakob Esman and Maria Ladegaard, Danish Youth Council


Panel debate will be moderated by Kamil Turecki, Onet



Proceedings will be conducted in English. Translation will be provided.


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If you have any questions, please contact:

Political and Communication Officer
Agata Olbrycht
, agaolb@um.dk



A B O U T  T H E  E X P E R T S

Professor Kasper Møller Hansen, University of Copenhagen 

Kasper Møller Hansen is a professor of Political Science at the University of Copenhagen. He is an expert on the topics of democracy and political behaviours, such as elections, voting behaviour, turnout and the public opinion. He has published several books and authored scientific articles on the topic.

Søren Væver, Head of Communication, Folketinget (Danish Parliament)

Søren Væver leads the Communication Department of the Danish Parliament since 2007. The Department’s activities revolve around presenting the work of the Parliament and the democratic system to a wide audience of Danish citizens. They especially focus on schoolchildren and first-time voters, directly engaging and encouraging young people to partake in democratic procedures.


Jakob Esmann and Maria Ladegaard, Danish Youth Council


The Danish Youth Council is an umbrella organization, which, among other things, works with children and young people’s participation in democracy. Jakob Esmann is responsible for the organization’s press, public relations and policy development. Maria Ladegaard is involved with campaigns such as “Day of Democracy”, “School Election” and other initiatives that involve democratic participation of children and young people. The organization works for strengthening the democratic confidence among the younger generations.






Coffee and registration


Welcome by Ambassador Ole Egberg Mikkelsen


Professor Kasper Møller Hansen, University of Copenhagen


Søren Væver, Head of Communication, Danish Parliament (Folketinget)


Jacob Esmann, Public Affairs consultant and Maria Ladegaard, political consultant, Danish Youth Council (DUF)


Panel debate moderated by Kamil Turecki, Onet