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Ambassadøren deltog i lanceringen af Audiovectors højtalere i Polen

17.11.2015  17:10

Den 9. november deltog den danske ambassadør i Polen, Steen Hommel, i lanceringen af eksklusive højtalere fra danske Audiovector. Højkvalitets højtalere R11 Arreté blev præsenteret ved den polske radiokanal, Trójka, hvor produkten bestod sin lakmusprøve med stor bravur til lyden af The Beatles' "Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band" (afspillet fra den første kopi af den originale master tape).

Ambassadøren holdte i denne anledning en tale, hvor han lagde særlig vægt på Danmarks lange tradition for, og erfaringer med, at levere højkvalitets højtalere, hvad angår både lyd og design.

“I am happy to be here today in this studio of the Polish Radio – renowned for its acoustic features.

And I am equally happy to have the opportunity to hear how the Danish high-end technology and know-how makes the sound perfect. I am very glad to have been invited to tonight’s event  by Voice and Audiovector companies.

Danish engineers are extremely talented in the area of acoustics, sound and audio equipment. You may have heard about acoustic panels from Rockwool, Brüel and Kjær managing the quality of sound and vibrations, Danish world leaders in hearing aids - Widex and Oticon and here tonight the highest end of loudspeakers from Audiovector.

Danmark has something about acoustics, sound and audio equipment.

Perfect sound should not only be a privilege of a studio such as this one. I understand that Ole Klifoth, CEO and chief engineer of Audiovector (present with us tonight) was of the same opinion and decided to create speakers by himself, simply because he could not find speakers he dreamed of.

He succeeded using his talent and passion, thanks to which tonight we can enjoy the sound of Audiovector’s speakers combined with the music of the Beatles.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I wish you all a pleasant evening.“

Ved lanceringen deltog udover ambassadøren (første fra højre) også Audiovectors stifter, Ole Kliforth (anden fra højre), der tidligere på året gav et spændende interview til StereoLife portalen.