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How to apply?


In order to apply for enrolment in the Fast Track business visa program you need to obtain the necessary forms. Application form can be found here
Please make your request for an agreement form by sending an email to the Danish mission in Warsaw.
Warsaw: wawamb@um.dk
Please state the name of the company or organisation you represent and the name of the Danish company or organisation you do business with.
Before applying please read the Red Carpet Program- General Terms.
You will receive a return email with the agreement form and a list of documentation required for the Red Carpet application to be processed.
Submitting forms and documents
The agreement form and annexes must be filled in and returned along with supplementary documentation.
Your application can be emailed, sent by post or handed in during normal opening hours at the reception.
When a decision is reached
The Embassy will reach a decision within two weeks. A representative from your company or organisation may be called to the Embassy for an interview.
If you are approved to be enrolled in the Red Carpet Program an agreement is signed by both parties and further information regarding visa application procedures is forwarded to you.
If you are not approved you will receive a letter from the embassy informing you of this.
Please note , that this decision does not affect in any way eligibility for applying for and obtaining a Schengen visa following standard visa application procedures.




På Udenrigsministeriets hjemmesider videregives oplysninger fra andre myndigheder og gives råd og vejledning. Udenrigsministeriet kan imidlertid ikke drages til ansvar for eventuelle problemer uanset oplysningerne på hjemmesiderne .


Royal Danish Embassy in Warsaw

Att.: Ewa Bartoszuk-Nielsen

Ul. Marszalkowska 142

00-061 Warszawa

Tlf.: +48 22 565 29 15