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The Trade Council

The Trade Department in Warsaw is a part of The Trade Council - an export and investment organisation under the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Our job is to assist Danish companies in Poland on a vast number of tasks ranging from general market analyses to sector specific assistance.





Poland - between east and west

Denmark's exports to Poland's almost 40 million consumers should grow - especially because of its membership of the EU. Danish goods and services have a good reputation in Poland, so the opportunities are great for Danish business - both in terms of exports, subcontracting and outsourcing, as well as a base for trade with Ukraine and Russia. However, the Polish market is characterized by intense competition so in order to achieve success, thorough knowledge and contacts in Poland are required.

Qualified assistance

The Trade Council in Poland could therefore be of great help to Danish companies that want to get started in Poland. With us on the sideline, Danish companies have direct access to updated market knowledge, a comprehensive network and experience with Polish conditions. Our employees are highly educated and motivated professionals with extensive experience from both the Danish and Polish markets. We speak Danish, Polish and English.

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