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Renewable energy market in Poland

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Wind Energy

Taking into account the expected technological progress, offshore wind farms whose introduction is a strategic decision regarding the development of key competences in this area in Poland, allowing for economic growth, will play a special role in achieving the RES target.

Nuclear energy

In 2033, Poland aims to launch its first nuclear power unit with a capacity of 1-1.6 GW.  The entire nuclear program assumes the construction of 6 units by 2043. 


The hydrogen market will be subject to development, supported by successive regulatory work and adjustment of support schemes for investment, research and development activities. In the long term, the development of hydrogen technologies with the simultaneous expansion of the hydrogen economy value chain will support the increase in the share of renewable energy sources (Power-to-x energy storage technology), give a new role to the gas sector in terms of storage, transmission and distribution of mixtures of natural gas and hydrogen and will be a tool for decarbonising transport and industry. In parallel to the planned European regulations, national law governing the development of the hydrogen market will be created.