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Green transition

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Polish green transition strategy is built upon III pillars:

I. Just transition

Just transition focuses on providing new opportunities to regions affected from the shift away from fossil fuels  - mining regions in Lower Silesia. Its focus is on creating new jobs and building new industries that contribute to the transformation of the energy sector. The government is planning to create 300,000 new jobs in high-potential industries related to renewable energy, nuclear energy, electromobility, network infrastructure, digitization, thermal modernization of building, etc.

II. Zero-emission energy system

This is a long-term strategy of the government aimed at reducing the emissivity of the energy sector through nuclear and offshore wind energy.

III. Good air quality

Air pollution is a serious problem in Poland. Fossil fuel remains the main contributor to the worsening of air quality. Moving away from fossil fuels will have the most noticeable impact into commuting smog. Poland plans to achieve better air quality investing in thermomodernisation, electromobility, and promotion of passive and zero-emission houses.